How to Get Clients

The #1 Roadblock to Systems-based Selling

In the last issue, I shared the secret to systems-based selling…selling where YOU don’t have to sell.

But there IS a catch.

When you force a decision you discover two things…

You find out who’s ready to buy now.

AND you find out who’s not.

Everybody wants the “who’s ready now.”

Most fear the “who’s not,” “who never will be” and “who never was” a prospect.

Before you force the decision, they’re all prospects…

Or, at least, you can convince yourself they’re all prospects.

Once you make them decide, you see reality. Your funnel may not be as full as you’d like.

So you “hold onto” those phantom prospects in your contact list…hoping one day, they’ll come around.

So, what’s the barrier to systems-based selling?

It’s not the phantom prospects and it’s not fear of the reality that your funnel isn’t so full…

It’s that if you force the decision and some say no, you don’t have a steady, predictable way of replacing them.

Fix the flow…and the system can begin selling for you.

It ain't the club...

I've played golf since I was 12 (too long to count) and as a kid I played this game with my buddies. It was invented because we were too lazy to carry a full bag of clubs around for 18 holes in August. So we'd carry one club.

My club of choice...

An 8-iron.

I could hit it far enough to be OK on the long holes...and I could putt with it almost as well as with my putter.

The club (or lack of) didn't much matter.

We won or lost for the day by how we used the club.

The tools at your disposal for growing your business might as well be infinite today.

But your success (or failure) isn't so much about the tools. It's what you do with them.

That's liberating. You don't need ALL the tools. You just need to MASTER one or two.

For me, that means publishing.

Of all the clubs in the bag it's the easiest to's the trusted tool that always delivers.

marketing consultant steve gordon

I've spent two-decades searching for the key to unlocking 10-times more referrals. A few years ago, I discovered how to do it...and publishing is at the core. To discover how to grow your referrals by 10-times using my simple system register for my free course.

The most common missing answer on your website

And in your emails... ...sales letters


The answer is missing from most every communication with your future clients.

We leave it out when we're not clear in our own minds what that answer should be...

...when we fear that the answer will offend, will drive off (in some cases, that's its purpose).

Yet, without the answer, your future client reads your webpage or sales letter or email, thinks that's nice and moves on.

So answer this question...

"What happens next?"

The real prospects want to know.

It's the path to solution. It's the step towards relief.

When you're not clear about what should happen next, you rob that person...and yourself.


P.S. Finding the answer to "What happens next?" is just one part of the plan you'll build in the next Lead Generation Sprint™ (happening in July). Get on the early notification list now at

Do you have a track to run on?

Virtually all businesses start in belly-to-belly sales mode. There's almost no way around it...if YOU can't sell what you've got, sitting across the table from a good prospect, how in the world will you get a sales letter or a website to do it for you?

Most businesses that survive the first phase of growth--zero to $750k--do so on the back of the entrepreneur's ability to hustle and make sales.

That's where things start to fall apart. The business starts to get more complex, and needs more management attention. At the same time, the entrepreneur needs to hustle faster and faster to keep the growth going.

Somewhere between $750k and $1.5-million there's an invisible brick wall. And hitting it hurts!

The only way around is to figure out how to scale up the acquisition of clients...

To get double the clients with half the effort.

But how, exactly, is that done?

There are 43,562 ways to get a client...which one will work for you?

And there's the don't know. You try the first 73 and can't seem to make progress.

Really what you need is one (maybe two or three) that you can master.

You need a track to run on...with lanes that keep you focused. Where all you have to do is, here's the one step I need to take to get closer to the finish line.

marketing consultant steve gordon

P.S. I'm often asked what's the fastest way to get clients. If you know more than two people on the planet, the answer is referrals. If you need a FAST track to run on right now, I've built one just for you here.

Creating New Clients With Certainty

Imagine for a moment that you knew with certainty that next week you would land two new clients... Would you sleep better at night?

Would you be nicer to your spouse?

Would you actually get off the computer and go to your daughter's dance practice?

Would you invest in hiring that new team member you really need?

Would you feel secure, putting two big checks in the bank, knowing there are two more right behind those?

For two decades I've been perfecting the system for attracting clients with certainty. Specifically in the selling of "hard to sell" services.

In that time I've learned three important things:

#1. That it is possible to know how many are coming in the future.

#2. That getting them to come to you is a system, a formula...applied uniquely to each business and each business owner.

#3. That the reason you create the system is to live in the peace of mind it gives you.

The "Race Packs" for the April Lead Generation Sprint™ are arriving in the mail to those who registered and the event is closed.

If you'd like to participate in the next Sprint (will probably take place in late July) get on the early notification list now:


How to Build A List of Buyers Even If You're Not Getting Enough Web Traffic Now

I got a great question from a subscriber earlier this week. He asked, "How can I attract the right kind of clients to my website? I'm not getting much traffic to my site and I don't know if I should run ads, work on SEO or write articles for other websites."

It's the wrong question to ask. Here's a better one:

"How can I find the most likely buyers for my business?"

That's what he really wants. Who cares HOW they come through the door, so long as they do.

Now, here's the answer that nobody wants you to know...

You don't have to work for years to build up SEO cred' with the big "G." You don't need to run ever-more expensive online ads, hoping you've dropped your line in a pond with fish.

There's a shortcut.

Just go BUY the list of BUYERS.

So, if you're selling, for example, high-end medical weight loss, you can get a list of affluent BUYERS of other weight loss products, services and publications.

If you're selling financial services, you can buy a list of people who already purchased investment information.

Etc., Etc.

These prospects are far more valuable than those delivered from search (paid or free), 'cause they've revealed one important fact...

They'll spend money on something close to what you're selling.

Chances are, if what you've got makes any sense at all, a percentage of them will buy from you, too.

It's the great shortcut to mo' clients.

marketing consultant steve gordon

The Power Of This One Thing

How many different ways are you trying to use to get clients? 3, 4, 5, 20?

For most there's networking, "prospecting" (a fancy way to say cold calls), social media, SEO, PPC, direct mail, print...

I'm all for diversity of client acquisition, in fact, I think it's essential to time.

But approach it the right way.

Don't be like the business owners I see dipping a toe in the water to "try out" a half-dozen or more methods of getting clients.

They never get beyond the toe. There's no depth of experience or real success with any of them. They're on to the next one in hope of a quick fix to the not-enough-clients problem.

It's much more powerful to pick the one thing you're going to master and make it really work.

Maybe it takes a year...then add the next.

You'll find you actually gain speed and momentum with mastery.


The four phases of client attraction

On the story board in my office--where I do most of my planning visually--I've invested the last few days analyzing my own Clients On Autopilot system (yes...I eat the dog food, too). Laying it all out every few months where I can see it is the only way I know to understand how the whole system is operating.

And it's especially important now as I'm adding a number of new and important parts to the overall process I personally use to attract clients.

What's important for you isn't the specific parts I'm using, they may or may not apply to you. Instead, it's the structure of the thinking that matters...

I separate marketing systems into four units:

#1 - The Magnet and The Sifter - This is what I use to attract the right leads...the magnet attracts, the sifter ensures only the right prospects get through. You have to "tune" your magnet and calibrate your sifter to let the best prospects through.

#2 - The Orbit - Once they get through the sifter, they get put into orbit to grow our relationship.

#3 - The Client Experience - What happens after the sale...what systems exist to deliver an amazing experience to your clients.

#4 - Client Reactivation - Giving well served, happy, past clients new and valuable reasons to come back.

On April 23rd, I'm working with 5 businesses to help them get a solid plan for Phase 1 (The Magnet and The Sifter) and Phase 2 (The Orbit). Registration is open for the next Lead Generation Sprint™. Grab your seat at the "virtual" table...


How to win an audience like Reagan, Clinton and Obama

I had a great conversation with subscriber Mike Sumsky yesterday about email marketing. Mike was quite complimentary of The Marketing Letter™ (the ego appreciates you Mike). Mike noticed something important in these messages. Something I learned from politics.

You see, I find politics fascinating.

Not for the reasons most, for me it's like a graduate education in how to win over an audience.

And if you watch the most successful (measured in elections won), they do one thing better than their opponents.

In fact, the best and biggest businesses follow this rule, too.

And this one thing is the key to your own marketing success.

But I'll bet you're not doing it.

The most-elected politicians do one thing well...they stay on message.

Over and over and over...and over again.

In any given election year I'll bet you could awaken the leading candidate from a dead sleep at 3:21 AM, throw a mic in their face and they'd hit all of their talking points before the first yawn.

They have to. They have a few hundred-million people to influence.

And they know (this is instructional) that, even with all the free and paid media exposure, they only get slices of attention from each individual.

The only way to get the message across is to persist...repeat.

Again, I'll bet you're not doing it.

Even though you don't get one-tenth of one-percent of the exposure to your prospects. You're not telling them why they have a problem, what the problem is, why it's important and how you'll fix, not nearly enough to make an impact.


Because after hitting the same points a few dozen times, YOU get bored with the message.

You've heard yourself say it again and again. But for most of your prospects it's new.

Don't give up on a good do a dis-service to YOUR audience.

marketing consultant steve gordon

How to be Unstoppable

As a kid I used to get up in the wee hours of the morning every Saturday. The house was dark and quiet and I could watch any TV channel I wanted.

(Mind you, this was before 24-hour cartoons on cable)

The local TV station aired reruns of the original Lone Ranger, followed by the Three Stooges and it all wrapped up with...

Superman...the original, black and white series.

Superman was my favorite (though I'm still a Stooges fan to this day).


Because Superman was, well...SUPER. He was bulletproof...


He always prevailed. No matter the obstacle.

Next Saturday I'm hosting a very special event for supermen and superwomen of business.

It's an event designed to make you unstoppable too.

I've invited international best-selling author Dr. Srikumar Rao to share an hour with you. The topic...

Dr. Rao calls it "Creativity and Personal Mastery" (a modest title for a profound and important topic).

Dr. Rao developed the course by the same title while teaching at Columbia Graduate School of Business. In fact, it is the ONLY business school course in the world to have it's own alumni program.

Students COMMUTED from as far away as Australia and Europe to be a part of the course.

And in 8 days, Dr. Rao will share the key concepts that will help you tap into and unleash the depths of creativity that you possess...that are essential to growing a business that matters.

So take a moment right now and commit to spending, no INVESTING, an hour of time with Dr. Rao.


PS - The webinar is over, but you can watch Dr. Rao's TED Talk or learn more about Creativity and Personal Mastery

You vs. THEM

I used to think marketing meant boasting...touting your strengths...trumpeting your accomplishments. And I hated marketing like that.

It felt wrong.

It wasn't wasn't authentic.

When I did "marketing" it felt, almost... a trick.

Not an evil trick, but a trick non-the-less.

Maybe you know the feeling...Like...if you just say these magic words, then WHAMO...stranger turns client.

(And rabbit appears in hat.)

But your marketing isn't about's about THEM.

It's about getting into THEIR WORLD.



and lifting THEM up.

Solving THEIR problem.

Improving THEIR very life.

That simple philosophy is the foundation for my approach to attracting buckets more referrals.


Sunday's Best Marketing Lesson

Are you a missionary or a preacher? Missionaries do important work, but it's hard slogging...out in the far reaches of the world, trying to become accepted into a foreign culture...

Then, educating the people they meet one-by-one hoping to get a convert...and another and then enough to establish a foothold.

I've never done it, but it can't be easy.

The preacher doesn't do that at all.

She invites the believers into the tent.

She delivers the message to those in the pews...forgetting the rest.

Her focus is not on converting non-believers...instead she works to deepen the commitment of those who come to her.

Converting non-believers is hard, expensive work. But getting one more small step from someone already walking towards you is easy.

The only question is who do YOU want to market to...non-believers or the faithful already under your tent.


How to Make Marketing EASY

For most people marketing is hard (hey…it keeps me in business). It's hard to figure out how to advertise to get attention. It's hard to decide what to say to attract clients. And it's hard to know what to offer to get them to say yes with ease.

Yet it doesn't have to be hard.

It can (and should) be easy…

IF you understand two things:

  1. Precisely who you want to attract--your IDEAL client.
  2. The problem they're ready to be rid of.

When you really, precisely know WHO you want to attract choosing where and how to advertise is a piece of cake.

Finding new and unique ways to reach your WHO is not only easy…it becomes your serious competitive advantage.

When you understand the problem they REALLY want to get rid of…and you've got a solution to it, you never run out of things to say that your WHO will listen to.

But getting clear on these two things isn't always easy. Sometimes you're too close to see clearly.

Luckily, I've got a handy focusing tool…


The Real Reason Clients Buy

At least once a week, I'm on the phone with an entrepreneur and I ask a question that completely stumps them. Stops them dead in their tracks.

This week's stumper is "Why do they hire you?"

Simple question.

But when posed to this smart business person he was rendered speechless.

Now, like any good interrogator, I knew the answer before I asked the question. And before I share it with you, pause now and answer it for yourself.

I'll wait.

. . .

OK…got your answer? Still speechless, like the hero of our story?

Here's the answer for our hero, and I'll bet a nickel it's good for you too…

"They hire you because of the relationship."

But how do we use this (common) knowledge? There are four steps to developing any relationship.

First, they have to KNOW who you are.

Then, they have to decide to like you (or not…either answer is fine).

Next, they learn to TRUST you (or not).

Finally, they take a next step.

The sole purpose of your "marketing" is to take people through those four steps.

So the next time someone says you should be doing this thing or that ask yourself…does it enhance my relationship with the clients I want?


Why you should fire 96% of your clients today

And don't stop there... Quit doing 96% of what you're

End 96% of your relationships.


So you can create space for growth.

Our old friend Vilfredo Pareto figured out that 80% of results come from 20% of inputs. But it goes deeper.

Inside the 20%, the 80/20 principle applies again...

Meaning 4% of your clients deliver 64% of your profits (80% of 80% is 64%...grab a calculator).

4% of the marketing effort delivers 64% of the new clients.

4% of your relationships give you 64% of the joy, fulfillment and satisfaction (personal and professional) in your life.

And on and on.

In working with my clients there are just four areas we focus on.

  1. The IDEAL Client (who is your 4%)
  2. The Big Idea that moves your 4%
  3. Opening doors to opportunity (generating IDEAL Client leads)
  4. Simple follow-up...until IDEAL Prospects become IDEAL Clients

Unlock those four things and change comes fast.


French Kissing The System

In the sixth grade the big deal was French kissing. You remember the drill… Spin the bottle.

Head sheepishly to a dark closet with a girl or boy (depending on your perspective…and hoping responsible adults wouldn't catch you)…

And in the dark closet you sat. Nothing remotely French occurred.

But when the door opened and you emerged, you and your cell mate sure could put on a French accent.

And that's kind of like systems in business. Everybody goes in the dark closet…then comes out talking about how important systems are.

But remember, nothing French happens in that closet. And most business wouldn't know a real system if it fell on them.

Too bad.

'Cause systems set you free.

Free from the 2am sweats wondering where your next client's coming from…

Free from having that "damn phone" tattooed to your ear or your thumbs when you should be with the kids…

Free to (dare I say) think…to envision what's next (after all isn't that your job)?


The Timid Need Not Apply

The timid need not apply I was driving about town today and happened to glance out the window and noticed…

Massive tectonic upheaval in our economic world.

Have you seen it?

It's forcing regular folks to rethink their entire approach to life.

Some have re-thought and decided to crawl in a nearby hole until it blows over.

Others stand there stunned at what's happening…trying to understand the chaos.

Many are starting to see the path forward. But it's not easy.

The time we're moving into is radically different than the one we're leaving. It's a time when trust and leadership are being valued over almost every other quality.

Everything else has been commoditized.

The problem…leadership ain't for the timid.

The guy in front gets bugs and bullets in his teeth.

The guy in front has to stand for something.

The guy in front will make people love him…and hate him.

And…the guy in front will be among the winners when the dust settles.

IF you want to make the economic trend du jour irrelevant…be the guy (or gal) in front.


The power of positive marketing

Positive thinking and positive marketing are partners. Positive thinking set you up for action...and all positive marketing comes from action. And, negative thinking...belief that "it won't work for me", kills marketing before it ever gets out the door.

In fact, I may have to revise my book 7 Deadly Marketing Sins That Will Kill Your Business and add disbelief as #8...

It's that big.

I've seen it halt business owners in their tracks...good ones too.

And there's but one way to overcome it...

Work on the mind.

Last week I interviewed Jeanna Gabellini, co-author of Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction: 7 Essential Ingredients for Living a Prosperous Life with Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Eva Gregory.

Jeanna's an expert at helping business owners up their mental game.

Listen to the interview online:

[powerpress] And Jeanna's hosting a live encore webinar that you'll want to check out here. Enjoy!

marketing consultant steve gordon

How to create newsletters that sell

I've written before about the importance of newsletters in your marketing. In fact, if you said to me today "Steve, you've got to choose one and only one marketing method to use from today forward."

I'd choose the printed newsletter.

Hands down.


It allows me to entertain while I sell.

It creates consistency and consistency builds trust.

It lets me show up differently than almost every competitor (I don't get many printed newsletters anymore…do you?).

Most importantly, it gives me an excuse to stay in front of every prospect and client, every month.

Last week I sat down with the man known as The Newsletter Guru…Mr. Jim Palmer.

Jim is an expert at the use of newsletters in your marketing. In this interview he shares his top tips for creating a newsletter that people actually want to read. (Believe it or not that's important ;-)

If you have a newsletter listen to the interview today. If you don't have a newsletter yet…you need this like…yesterday!




Networking and Sex

Get your mind out of the gutter… We're talking about the noun not the verb today.

I had no idea, but apparently men and women approach business networking differently.

Who knew?

Yes it seems we men simply want to get to the point (i.e. the money).

And the ladies want a relationship (among other things).

Now, lest you think I'm simply making up these outrageous theorems I spoke with a very smart lady named Hazel Walker who, along with a couple of gents, figured all of this out and wrote it down in an excellent book titled…

Business Networking and Sex: It's not what you think

Oh…and those gents she worked with: Dr. Ivan Misner (founder of BNI) and Frank DeRafelle, Jr.

The trio surveyed 12,000 business people to discover their perceptions about networking.

The results are fascinating…and guaranteed to help improve your (business) results with members of the opposite sex.

Now, about that conversation I had with Ms. Walker…I recorded the whole thing. In precisely 44-minutes and 26-seconds she tells all.



PS - Get the book…read the book. It's both funny and profitable. And connect with Hazel Walker at (be sure to grab her e-book 26 Strategies for Increased Referrals).