Marketing Secret # 5 – 3 M’s of Marketing: Media

Last week we discussed the importance of defining your market. This week, we will talk about using Media. What is media? Media is how you get your message out to your prospects. Media can be email, letters, postcards, fax, magazine ads, yellow pages ads, bus stop ads, etc. Many different forms of media exist, but you have to determine what is best for your target market. How do you determine what media will work best? Ideally, you will use various forms of media to get your message out. For example, you could send sales letters via regular mail, emails to current clients, have a direct response ad in the yellow pages and fax offers to your list. You will begin to identify which method works best for your target audience by testing each method against the others.

The saying goes, “don’t have all your eggs in one basket.” This saying is true for your marketing media as well. Do not rely on one type of media to get your message out, if it fails, you have no other resources to turn to. Some business did nothing but fax broadcast to market themselves, now that sending unsolicited faxes is illegal and comes with hefty fines their business is gone...overnight. The same is true for telemarketers and the do not call list, email marketers and CAN-SPAM and I'll bet you $100 that a direct mail "do not send" list will be here soon.

Media is constantly changing with old methods becoming less effective or banned and new methods like social media moving in. As a business owner and marketer, you need to keep moving, experimenting and refining the media you use. One of my marketing mentors, Bill Glazer, says 'Diversity = Stability' and he's right!

Going back to Part 1 - Understanding Your Market use the media that the market will respond to. If you are selling high-end watches, a bus stop ad is probably not going to yield the results you are looking for (if any). If most of your customers are in Generation X or Y, yellow page advertising will probably not work. Most of them do not even own a phone book. Now, if you advertise in the online version of the yellow pages (yes it is different) you are hitting your target market.

In the third and final part of the 3 M's of Marketing series we'll focus on your Message.