7 Marketing Strategies You May Not Be Using

OK...it's Carnegie Deli day at The Marketing Letter™ worldwide headquarters... Here's how to works: Pick one item from the menu that you're not using and order it up.

Here we go:

1. Place strategy - showing up places your competitors can't find

2. Referral multiplier - move from 1-by-1 referrals to 10x referrals

3. Front-end/Back-end - can you add a low-cost front end offer to acquire clients at break-even or better? Then sell them the bigger back-end product or service...

4. Ascension - build a path for clients to "grow up" from small, baby client to grown-up, big-spending whale

5. Media Mogul - own your own media and own your prospect's attention

6. Two-step selling - the tried and true lead generation offer to get a hand raise, then follow-up to get the client

7. Price Strategy - Align price to your buyers...don't assume low price is important.

If you're under $1-million in revenue, master ONE strategy to get to $1MM.

If you've achieved that milestone, too much reliance with ONE strategy is fool-hearty...you should be adding one new "stream of clients" each quarter.

Happy hunting!

marketing consultant steve gordon