7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Systematic Marketing NOT Branding

I‘m a BIG believer in systematic marketing…not such a big fan of fancy branding campaigns… By systematic marketing, I mean a system to regularly interact with each and every prospect and customer in your business. Here’s why I think systematic marketing is the best way to market for small businesses.

  1. It passes the “touch” threshold…studies have shown that it takes between 7 and 22 “touches” on a prospect before they buy. This isn’t just a matter of repetition. That series of touches moves the prospect from saying “Who is this company…” to “I’ve heard of this company…” to “I do business with this company.” Simply running a flashy “brand building” ad doesn’t move your prospects through this process.
  2. It is accountable to you. Systematic marketing campaigns are built on direct response principles. You’re not just sending a cool image ad, with your logo and tag line. Every touch includes a call to action for the prospect…remember it’s an interactive process. That call to action is critical for two reasons:
    • It gives your prospects a clear direction if they’re ready to buy…don’t assume they’ll think to call you.
    • You have the ability to figure out if your campaign is making you money (that’s the goal isn’t it) and do more of the same if it’s working and cut it, if it’s not working.
  3. It’s highly targeted…like using a rifle, instead of a shotgun. You pick who you want to target and reach out to them directly.
  4. It’s easy on your wallet…using inexpensive direct mail, email marketing, web advertising you can be in front of your ideal prospects every other week, if you want…and spend thousands less then running ads in mass media.
  5. Your cash flow will thank you…using systematic marketing built on direct response techniques can help you turn your marketing dollars more quickly. So instead of waiting months for a return from a branding campaign, a systematic marketing effort can bring in business in a matter of days.
  6. You’ll plug the hole in your bucket…most businesses (of all sizes) do a poor job of follow-up with the “interested, but not ready yet” prospects. Systematic marketing gives you place to put these prospects and automatically follow-up with them until they buy. I’ve seen businesses double their sales in a year, just by automating their follow-up because they tap into this huge group of prospects that will buy sometime…and will buy from the businesses that care enough to stay in touch.
  7. Branding is a great side benefit of systematic campaigns. Think about it…if you’re sending 20, 50, 70 marketing pieces to your prospects each year, they’ll know your brand. They’ll also know that you’re consistent…

The single best tool for implementing a systematic marketing effort is email marketing. It’s easy to setup, inexpensive, automatic and trackable. And, it overcomes the biggest obstacle to most other marketing methods…it gets you past the gate keepers and onto your prospect’s Blackberry.

If you’d like to learn how to put the power of systematic email marketing to work in your business-without being a spammer-check out Email Marketing University.