SBMS 07 | 8 Essential Steps for Startups


In this episode of The Small Business Marketing Show I share with you the 8 things you should do when your starting a new business (or a new business within your business)...

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In this episode of The Small Business Marketing Show...

  • The #1 question you need to answer to effectively market your business.
  • What you must do before spending lots of money on a website.
  • Where to invest your time to get maximum returns.
  • What type of marketing to focus on in the beginning.
  • How to avoid pissing off your family and friends and turn them into your greatest asset.

Take Action

  • Write down a profile of your ideal prospect.
  • Answer the question "Why should they do business with you?"

What Do You Think?

  • What other advice do you have for surviving the startup phase?

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