80/20 Referrals

I'm a serious student of the 80/20 principle. It says that 80% of the results are created by 20% of the inputs. I've found it to exist in every part of my business and my life...

Including the development of referrals.

Three strategies drive 80/20 referrals...

#1. Authority - You want more referrals with less effort...you want leverage? Become an authority. Not just in knowledge, but create the "stuff" of authority...a book, a speech, something that satisfies our pre-wired notions of what makes someone authoritative.

#2. Ease of Referring - Referring YOU is hard.

You're scary...to a referred prospect facing a first meeting with you, the sign of a successful meeting is it ending with his wallet lighter than when he arrived.

But you, "packaged" in something less threatening--a book, or webinar, or CD--is easier, no chance of a "wallet-ectomy" if I pass on your book.

#3. Specificity - Want to guarantee you'll get zero referrals? Ask a client if they know "anybody" who might need your help. I've never met anybody, who knew anybody, named "anybody."

Do a little bit of legwork for your client and put a list in front of them of people they should know. Let 'em pick who you should meet like they'd pick lunch off a Chinese menu.

One of my private clients put these three strategies together yesterday to grab 11 referrals in 90 minutes from a single client...the first time he tried it.

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