Again he says... "Honey, I have to call the office."

It's Friday afternoon and the the Star of the Seas just docked in Nassau, Bahamas. Jeff, looked at his wife and kids with that guilty sort of look...he had to leave them at the pool and make a call. It happens every time they go on vacation...he's the CEO of his small company. And the only one that brings in the business.

When he's incommunicado on a cruise ship at sea, the business effectively stops...which always makes him nervous.

So he risks marital wrath to make a couple of calls to prospects to "keep things moving."

The rest of the vacation is tense...he regrets making the calls, but is afraid not to.

Meanwhile, on the private beach at the Atlantis resort, another passenger sits holding hands with his wife. Both, with eyes focused on the bottom of the giant water slide waiting for their children to emerge.

Jack, age 10, and Annabelle, age 8, have been obsessed with this slide since John announced the trip six months ago.

This, like every family vacation, starts with John turning off his cell phone and locking it in the safe in the cabin.

It won't come out again until they return to port in Miami.

So how can John step away from his growing company and be completely out of touch for 10-days without worry?

The answer is painfully simple.

John doesn't depend on making calls to get new clients. He built a system to attract, educate and convert the right prospects into clients.

His small staff can execute the system whether he's there or not.

Leaving John free to enjoy the benefits of owning a business.

Are you like John or Jeff?

marketing consultant steve gordon