Again, he stopped three feet from gold

You may have heard the story of R.U. Darby and his uncle during the gold rush. The story is told by Napoleon Hill in "Think and Grow Rich." It goes like this... Darby and his uncle head west and start mining to find their fortune...

...they strike gold!

...they buy drills and machines to dig deeper...

...days later, the gold vein stops...disappears completely!!

...Darby and his uncle give up, believing the mine is barren and sell the equipment to a "junkman."

...The junkman hires a mining engineer to look at the mine and the engineer determines, based on the geology, that the gold vein begins again just 3-feet from the spot where Darby and his uncle quit!

I have no idea if the story is true. It doesn't much matter, the lesson is important.

Yesterday, I told you about my client who was unsure of what to make of the early results of his new marketing.

Lacking expertise in reading the "signs of success" he might have decided to give up, like Darby, just 3-feet from gold.

marketing consultant steve gordon