Are You a Hunter or a Herder?

One of my clients is a sales professional. He's been in his business for close to four decades. Recently, he's taken a young colleague under his wings.

His younger compadre is great at cold calling. (Maybe one of the best I've seen.)

He can walk into an office, befriend the gatekeeper and end up talking to the owner of the business…with relative ease (most would never get out of the car).

He's a hunter. If he doesn't knock on enough doors today AND isn't skilled enough to make a sale in those tough conditions…he won't eat tonight.

My client, by contrast, never cold calls.

He doesn't go to see prospects, they come to him.

He diligently built his client and prospect list (one person at a time) over the many years…it now numbers around 5000.

He's got a herd.

He consistently feeds his herd with great and valuable information.

He knows his herd by name.

…And they know him.

He built it without technology, before the Internet.

His herd kept him fed every day for nearly forty years.

And will feed him for many years to come.

If you're hunting to eat, don't stop (yet)…but start today building your herd. One name at a time. Before you know it, you'll become a hurder…instead of a hunter.

And if you want to move faster, I can help here.

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