Are you growing this "off book" asset?

Where is the value in your business? Many might answer...

In my people.


My facilities.


My intellectual property.

True they all do have some value in the operation of your business.

But none of them give your business its value. Value is external.

And it exists in just one place.

The bank accounts of the people who might become your clients.

The most valuable asset you have is outside your company. It's the only one with real future worth.

Yet, few consider it, cultivate it, focus on it...daily.

Instead, most worry about trivial people issues or fret about their I.P. being stolen.

I've never had an employee that couldn't be replaced with someone more talented. Harsh, but true.

There are far fewer businesses with true, unique and valuable I.P. worth protecting, than you'd think. (There's nothing new under the sun they say...)

But the one universal asset...the only one really necessary in every business is the one most often ignored...

The list of, and relationship with people who have or might at some future date, give you money.

What are you doing today to start relationships with a few more of them?

What will you do to grow your relationship with the ones you have?

In the end, those are the two most valuable questions to answer in business.


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