Are you making your high-dollar sale too hard?

Getting the first sale with a new client is the most difficult task in most businesses. It's compounded when the sale involves a lot of little green photos of George Washington. You're asking the client to take a huge risk, without having experienced buying from you...

Without seeing that you do, in fact, deliver.

It requires mammoth trust.

And it's the single biggest reason that prospects "disappear" just when you thought everything was go, go, go.

They simply get sacred...they can't reconcile the risk of loss with the outcome to be gained.

And, frankly, the higher up the price ladder you go, the less that guarantees work to mitigate the risk. The purchases are often just too complex--and the clients know it.

So what can you do?

First, create education based marketing systems to build trust.

That's the minimum.

Want to get advanced?

Build a purchasing "ladder"...small purchase, leads to bigger purchase, leads to biggest, ultimate purchase.

You'll turn prospects into clients faster at the low level, and once they buy, they'll buy again more easily.

I'll be working through advanced lead generation and conversion strategies like this in the next Lead Generation Sprint™--register now.