Are you using these 5 "trust accelerators" with your prospects?

It's an untrusting, skeptical world out there. Your future clients are at the same time fearful of being scammed and desperately wanting... ...needing, to trust someone to lead them to a cure for their problem.

Right or wrong, we all look for "clues", little signs that a business (or person) is trustworthy.

If you're not proactively building these little 5 "clues" of trust into your business you're making selling unnecessarily difficult.

  1. Authority - We give deference to those in authority and grant some degree of trust solely based on a person's authority position. Something you can, and should manufacture for yourself.
  2. Familiarity - The more you know someone (or feel you know someone) the more you tend to trust them.
  3. Consistency - Showing up regularly, like clockwork, in someone's life...right where they expected you...shows you can follow through.
  4. Association - Do you associate with other people they trust? In groups, organizations or individually. This is the foundation for every referral (for the complete shortcut to getting referrals try this).
  5. Demonstration - This is a biggie...if I "see it with my own eyes" I'll believe show them.

How many are you using today?

marketing consultant steve gordon