Becoming Known For What You Know

As business professionals, it is our responsibility to make sure our chosen market knows what we do and how we can serve them. The number one job for any business person is to take responsibility for the marketing of their services. It is not unusual to see a business owner delegate the marketing responsibilities to someone in the business who knows nothing about marketing. As business owners, we should take control of our marketing efforts.

There are three key components that we must keep in mind when marketing our services. First is the market. That is WHO we decide to offer our services to.

Next, craft a message that will get the attention of our chosen market. For example since I choose to work with business owners, I have to understand some of their concerns and craft a message that will get their attention so they know that I understand them and their problems.

The third component is the media that I will use to attract my chosen market. For example, will it be by placing an ad in a newspaper or magazine? Perhaps a sales letter written directly to the business owner introducing myself and addressing the problems he or she may be experiencing. I may choose to mail a postcard inviting them to a seminar or a tele-seminar to learn more about the potential problems they have within their business and how my services might offer solutions. In my case I write articles on issues that impact the owners of closely held businesses.

How much time do you invest in learning how to market your business? Do you have a mentor or study group? What was the last book you read on marketing? Do you take time to think about who you really want to market to and why?

I have several friends I “study” with to help us improve our sales and marketing skills. I’m fortunate, Steve Gordon and I have built this type of support relationship. Sometimes I have good ideas but I don’t follow through. Steve gives me a nudge and occasionally a kick in the pants to make me implement my ideas. He asks tough questions and helps keep me focused.

I suggest you consider creating an inner circle of people who understand marketing to help you maximize your time, financial, and human resources.

As business owners, we all need more time, more profit and less hassles and stress. A good marketing plan and system will give us this and more. You can do it by yourself or get a coach? I prefer to have coaches to guide me. It costs much less in the long run.

I hope you will give careful thought to your market, your message, and the media you will use to attract your prospects and clients.

John H. Curry, CLU, ChFC, AEP, MSFS, CLTC has been assisting business owner’s with their planning since 1975. Curry is a senior associate of North Florida Financial Corp., and a financial representative of the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian), New York, N.Y. He is the creator of the Secure Retirement Method(TM). He can be reached in Tallahassee at 850-562-3000 or via e-mail at For a FREE Audio CD and FREE Report visit