Marketing High-Priced Services

7 Marketing Strategies You May Not Be Using's Carnegie Deli day at The Marketing Letter™ worldwide headquarters... Here's how to works: Pick one item from the menu that you're not using and order it up.

Here we go:

1. Place strategy - showing up places your competitors can't find

2. Referral multiplier - move from 1-by-1 referrals to 10x referrals

3. Front-end/Back-end - can you add a low-cost front end offer to acquire clients at break-even or better? Then sell them the bigger back-end product or service...

4. Ascension - build a path for clients to "grow up" from small, baby client to grown-up, big-spending whale

5. Media Mogul - own your own media and own your prospect's attention

6. Two-step selling - the tried and true lead generation offer to get a hand raise, then follow-up to get the client

7. Price Strategy - Align price to your buyers...don't assume low price is important.

If you're under $1-million in revenue, master ONE strategy to get to $1MM.

If you've achieved that milestone, too much reliance with ONE strategy is should be adding one new "stream of clients" each quarter.

Happy hunting!

marketing consultant steve gordon

If Billy Mays sold high-dollar services...

Legendary pitchman, the late, Billy Mays was famous for two things...

#1. His blue shirt

#2. His loud boardwalk bark

Despite his loud delivery, Mays understood something important in sales...

Better to show than to tell.

But how do you demonstrate winning a case in court or navigating the IRS rules to save a client a few bags of cash?

How do you demonstrate a service that must be purchased and applied to be "seen?"

I've only ever found one way that works...

You publish.

A book, a newsletter, a speech, doesn't much matter the format.

Publishing is the only way to demonstrate to a buyer of a high-ticket service, what it is that they're about to buy. 'Cause the service is, in the end, a product of your mind.

Now, you certainly can sell without demonstration, but it's a hard row to hoe.

Again, he stopped three feet from gold

You may have heard the story of R.U. Darby and his uncle during the gold rush. The story is told by Napoleon Hill in "Think and Grow Rich." It goes like this... Darby and his uncle head west and start mining to find their fortune...

...they strike gold!

...they buy drills and machines to dig deeper...

...days later, the gold vein stops...disappears completely!!

...Darby and his uncle give up, believing the mine is barren and sell the equipment to a "junkman."

...The junkman hires a mining engineer to look at the mine and the engineer determines, based on the geology, that the gold vein begins again just 3-feet from the spot where Darby and his uncle quit!

I have no idea if the story is true. It doesn't much matter, the lesson is important.

Yesterday, I told you about my client who was unsure of what to make of the early results of his new marketing.

Lacking expertise in reading the "signs of success" he might have decided to give up, like Darby, just 3-feet from gold.

marketing consultant steve gordon

Understanding These Signs of Marketing Success

I had an interesting conversation with a client yesterday that's worth sharing. We spent 30-minutes reviewing what's happened since we launched two of his marketing "oil wells."

He said..."I sent 40 letters and got 2 responses. I just don't know if it's working."

He goes on...

"And I called a few people who got letters from me in January and have been getting my monthly newsletter. One guy thanked me for sending the latest one. Said he and his wife set it aside to read and he needs to come see me."

When you're selling high-dollar products and services using marketing, that's what early progress sounds like.

Forty letters and two responses = a 5% response. That's a good start in my book.

If the numbers hold after a few more tests we should be able to mail 80 and get 4 (or more) and 120 and get 6...and up and up.

But here's where it gets fun. In three to four months, we now know we'll get 3-5 more from every group of 40 we send today. We've doubled response in maybe as little as 90 days.

Remember, we're testing small...results are small, but good.

Yet, here's the danger...

If you expect to mail 40 and get 35 responses, good luck. Sure it happens, but not often.

Look for the seeds of success. If you're building a marketing and selling SYSTEM the right way, those seeds can be grown predictably and profitably.

marketing consultant steve gordon

Do you have a track to run on?

Virtually all businesses start in belly-to-belly sales mode. There's almost no way around it...if YOU can't sell what you've got, sitting across the table from a good prospect, how in the world will you get a sales letter or a website to do it for you?

Most businesses that survive the first phase of growth--zero to $750k--do so on the back of the entrepreneur's ability to hustle and make sales.

That's where things start to fall apart. The business starts to get more complex, and needs more management attention. At the same time, the entrepreneur needs to hustle faster and faster to keep the growth going.

Somewhere between $750k and $1.5-million there's an invisible brick wall. And hitting it hurts!

The only way around is to figure out how to scale up the acquisition of clients...

To get double the clients with half the effort.

But how, exactly, is that done?

There are 43,562 ways to get a client...which one will work for you?

And there's the don't know. You try the first 73 and can't seem to make progress.

Really what you need is one (maybe two or three) that you can master.

You need a track to run on...with lanes that keep you focused. Where all you have to do is, here's the one step I need to take to get closer to the finish line.

marketing consultant steve gordon

P.S. I'm often asked what's the fastest way to get clients. If you know more than two people on the planet, the answer is referrals. If you need a FAST track to run on right now, I've built one just for you here.

Are you using these 5 "trust accelerators" with your prospects?

It's an untrusting, skeptical world out there. Your future clients are at the same time fearful of being scammed and desperately wanting... ...needing, to trust someone to lead them to a cure for their problem.

Right or wrong, we all look for "clues", little signs that a business (or person) is trustworthy.

If you're not proactively building these little 5 "clues" of trust into your business you're making selling unnecessarily difficult.

  1. Authority - We give deference to those in authority and grant some degree of trust solely based on a person's authority position. Something you can, and should manufacture for yourself.
  2. Familiarity - The more you know someone (or feel you know someone) the more you tend to trust them.
  3. Consistency - Showing up regularly, like clockwork, in someone's life...right where they expected you...shows you can follow through.
  4. Association - Do you associate with other people they trust? In groups, organizations or individually. This is the foundation for every referral (for the complete shortcut to getting referrals try this).
  5. Demonstration - This is a biggie...if I "see it with my own eyes" I'll believe show them.

How many are you using today?

marketing consultant steve gordon

Are you making your high-dollar sale too hard?

Getting the first sale with a new client is the most difficult task in most businesses. It's compounded when the sale involves a lot of little green photos of George Washington. You're asking the client to take a huge risk, without having experienced buying from you...

Without seeing that you do, in fact, deliver.

It requires mammoth trust.

And it's the single biggest reason that prospects "disappear" just when you thought everything was go, go, go.

They simply get sacred...they can't reconcile the risk of loss with the outcome to be gained.

And, frankly, the higher up the price ladder you go, the less that guarantees work to mitigate the risk. The purchases are often just too complex--and the clients know it.

So what can you do?

First, create education based marketing systems to build trust.

That's the minimum.

Want to get advanced?

Build a purchasing "ladder"...small purchase, leads to bigger purchase, leads to biggest, ultimate purchase.

You'll turn prospects into clients faster at the low level, and once they buy, they'll buy again more easily.

I'll be working through advanced lead generation and conversion strategies like this in the next Lead Generation Sprint™--register now.


Have you seen the line for...

...the guru at the bottom of the mountain? Me either.

Instead, you hire a sherpa, get a team and gear and trek up the mountain.

Pass mountain goats and fight off Yeti to reach the modest temple where the guru sits waiting for searchers to arrive.

It's an investment to get there. When you do finally get there, do you think you might value the advice you get?

Without question.

At the bottom of the mountain the guru with no line dispenses the same advice...but it's worthless.

Same stuff being sold...radically different positioning.

If you want to sell at higher prices and with greater ease to better clients...get better positioning.


How to avoid being invisible to clients

I had a cool experience a few weeks ago. I was in a client's office and he proudly showed me his print-outs of The Marketing Letter™.

Yes, he felt compelled to print the messages that hit home for him and keep them in a binder next to his desk.

Flattering for sure, but not the point (if you're reading this and do something similar, send me a photo...we'll come up with something to reward you with).

The experience got me thinking, so I went back to my own office and looked around.

The people and companies that get the lion's share of my money all have "presence" in my office. Physical presence.

And because of the physical presence in my environment they get more mindshare...more attention. This is valuable real estate that you should be trying to acquire.

This is the real point behind creating a book, audio CD or sending a printed newsletter each month.

These things hang around. They literally take up space in your clients' lives. They can't be sucked into email oblivion by the end of the day as the endless tidal wave of email pushes your message below the "fold."

So...if your clients stood up in their office and turned around in a circle, would they see any of "you?"


P.S. - The next Lead Generation Sprint™ is just a few weeks away. Register today:

How Winning Companies Do High End Sales Differently

I'm writing this on the plane after spending a day on-site with a client diving deep into their sales, marketing and business model strategy. These are exceptional business people and the way they approach high end sales is decidedly different than most...

They're already selling a mid-six-figure, top-of-the-market service.

So we spent the day developing ideas to expand their reach...

Not by creating lower offerings, but instead, figuring out how to make their offers more exclusive.

Exclusive is attractive.

We want what we can't have.

We aspire to what we can't afford today.

We will jump through hoops to get in "the club."

Many reading this will say, "Yep, I know that's true...but my business is different."


Extreme exclusivity flips the sales process. The prospects fight to get in. The two things keeping most business owners from positioning themselves this way are:

  1. Fear that comes from not having a consistent flow of new prospects.
  2. Not delivering the be exclusive you've got to create real results for clients.

Both of those problems are fixable...if you're willing.


The Magic Cookie Recipe - How Education Based Marketing Works

In a client meeting yesterday we were working through the concepts of education based marketing and my very smart client deconstructed the strategy this way... He called it the "Magic Cookie Recipe."

He said "I've been watching what you do in your daily emails and I've figured it out..."

"In almost every email you say 'I've got this magic cookie, it's really delicious and magical...and here's the recipe.'"


The fancy marketing term for that is education based marketing.

Many business people fear education based marketing because they think..."If I tell 'em how to do what I do, why do they need me?"

That's bad thinking.

Knowing what to do and having the desire and ability to do it yourself at a master level are different.

I "know" how to play golf...but you won't see me on TV on Sunday afternoons.

I "know" how to fill out a tax form...but I won't be doing it myself this April.

I told my client this yesterday: "There's nothing new under the sun. You can learn anything for less than $100 at your local bookstore (and often for free at the library)."

Your IDEAL clients are not DIYers. They don't WANT to do it themselves. They WANT someone else--maybe you--to do it for them.

So why educate?

'Cause an educated prospect is a good prospect.

An educated prospect (if you educate them) understands why paying a premium for you is a steal vs. getting the low-ball guy down the street.

An educated prospect has few objections when they're ready to buy.

An educated prospect will (usually) get better results after they buy.

But the most important reason to do education based marketing is this...while you're educating them you have their attention.

And no one else can!

marketing consultant steve gordon

PS - If you're in a business that relies on referrals, education based marketing will make you stand apart like no other strategy. The truth is, almost no "referral businesses" do it well...big opportunity for you.

For my step-by-step system for using education based marketing to get loads more referrals...and turn them into clients check out:

Six Types of Marketers - Which group are you in?

The Cave Man Marketer - The cave man's motto...whack 'em with a club and drag 'em home. It's effective in winning clients...if they survive. The Hunger Games Marketer - The Hunger Games marketer plays a zero-sum game. It's a contest for life...with only one winner. If you don't lose, I can't win.

The Hippie Marketer - It's Free Love Friday seven days a week for the Hippie Marketer. Just give it all away and the universe will take care of me!

The Doubting Thomas Marketer - The Doubting Thomas Marketer wonders why sales are flat, but doubts marketing will help. He's stuck, lacking the faith necessary to test, fail and test again (and again and again).

The 50 First Dates Marketer - The 50 First Dates Marketer wakes up every day forgetting she had a relationship with some prospects the day before. So she sets out to start new relationships straight away...makes some, but sadly, forgets them in the morning.

The Servant Marketer - The Servant Marketer understands that the best way to be successful is to serve a starving crowd. To serve their every need. He understands that the value is in the crowd and their unmet needs and molds his offering to match.

Which type of marketer are you?

marketing consultant steve gordon

The Effortless Way To Sell More

There are two ways to approach selling… The hard way.

And the easy way.

The hard way says: you make something or are expert at something so out you go into the world to sell your wares.

And when you get out there you often find…

People don't appreciate what you offer.

You think: "If they only understood, what I understand they'd value what I make so much more."

You think again: "They NEED my stuff."

Selling is hard.

It requires convincing, cajoling…if only you had a better "script" everything would be easier.

Selling shouldn't be so hard.

It should be effortless.

It should be easy.

And it can be.

But effortless selling has little to do with your script or your closing technique.

Effortless selling comes from your OFFER.

Want to sell more with less effort? Get a better offer.

(And by better offer I don't mean lower price. Price is one piece of your offer…it's not the most important and lower isn't always better. Low price is for the lazy.)

Focus your time on creating better offers…more closely aligned with what your people want.

That's how you make selling effortless.