New way to profile your clients

If you've been on one of my webinars or subscribed to this e-letter for long you'll know that there's one thing that trumps all in marketing... Deep understanding of your clients.

As in "I understand how my clients think and feel better than they do (yes that's possible).

Getting there has and is challenging...

It requires thought.

An activity most ardently refuse to participate in.

But not you...

You're here...hangin' with the brainy crowd.

Last week I found a tool that makes the thinking, dare I say, easier.

It's a way of looking at your clients...and I've found it to be VERY powerful.

It's called empathy mapping and there's a great template that will help you do it (click here for the template).

The process forces you to put yourself in the place of your IDEAL client and write down what they see and hear in their environment...and extrapolate what they think and feel.

It works best when you actually talk to a few people who fit your IDEAL.

I hope this helps you get super clear about who your IDEAL client is and how he or she thinks and feels.

If you need 1-on-1 help to get that clarity, let's talk.