French Kissing The System

In the sixth grade the big deal was French kissing. You remember the drill… Spin the bottle.

Head sheepishly to a dark closet with a girl or boy (depending on your perspective…and hoping responsible adults wouldn't catch you)…

And in the dark closet you sat. Nothing remotely French occurred.

But when the door opened and you emerged, you and your cell mate sure could put on a French accent.

And that's kind of like systems in business. Everybody goes in the dark closet…then comes out talking about how important systems are.

But remember, nothing French happens in that closet. And most business wouldn't know a real system if it fell on them.

Too bad.

'Cause systems set you free.

Free from the 2am sweats wondering where your next client's coming from…

Free from having that "damn phone" tattooed to your ear or your thumbs when you should be with the kids…

Free to (dare I say) think…to envision what's next (after all isn't that your job)?