How an Accidental Discovery Saved My Business

I used to stress over my sales funnel... I spend weeks studying how to construct "mazes" in my autoresponder.

I thought that if I only linked together the right combination of messages that in 30-days a new client could be created.

But the funnel never really worked.

So one day, about 18 months ago, I got frustrated and gave up on the "maze" I'd built.

And I started emailing every weekday..."live." No pre-written messages loaded to auto-deliver. No carefully crafted sequences.

Just you and me, 200 words at a time.

Within 3-weeks I had more new inquiries than I'd had in 6-months.

I'd stumbled onto something profoundly different...

I discovered that the funnel was broken. Funnels don't work for high-trust, high-ticket sales.

Funnels are built for the marketer, not the client.

You don't need a need an orbit.

Or several.

An orbit is never ends.

It's attractive, pulling prospects ever closer to you.

And as your prospects fly the orbit...time passes...relationship grows and trust is built until...

They fall from orbit...and land, as clients.

Oh how life becomes have but two jobs:

  • Put prospects into orbit and...

  • Keep 'em there until they're ready to land.

marketing consultant steve gordon