How to Automate Your Marketing With Infusionsoft and Basecamp (How I Save 4 Hours A Week)

I've been teaching business owners how to automate their marketing for three years. Now, when I get introduced I'm the "guy who can get you lots more clients...on autopilot."

But sometimes I get a puzzled look on the face of business owners when they hear all of that.

So I thought, maybe, it's time to SHOW you what marketing automation looks like inside my business.

I put together a quick video (about 25 minutes) that shows you an actual marketing and follow-up campaign and how it has reduced what used to be a 4-hour a week task down to just 90 minutes.

Would you like and extra 2 and a half hours this week?

How would you use it?

Before you click play, take out a pen and paper. As you watch the video, you're going to get ideas about what YOU could automate in your business...write them down.

If you want to talk 1-on-1 about how you can get this kind of automation (and this just scratches the surface) in your business click here.