How to avoid being invisible to clients

I had a cool experience a few weeks ago. I was in a client's office and he proudly showed me his print-outs of The Marketing Letter™.

Yes, he felt compelled to print the messages that hit home for him and keep them in a binder next to his desk.

Flattering for sure, but not the point (if you're reading this and do something similar, send me a photo...we'll come up with something to reward you with).

The experience got me thinking, so I went back to my own office and looked around.

The people and companies that get the lion's share of my money all have "presence" in my office. Physical presence.

And because of the physical presence in my environment they get more mindshare...more attention. This is valuable real estate that you should be trying to acquire.

This is the real point behind creating a book, audio CD or sending a printed newsletter each month.

These things hang around. They literally take up space in your clients' lives. They can't be sucked into email oblivion by the end of the day as the endless tidal wave of email pushes your message below the "fold."

So...if your clients stood up in their office and turned around in a circle, would they see any of "you?"


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