How to be Unstoppable

As a kid I used to get up in the wee hours of the morning every Saturday. The house was dark and quiet and I could watch any TV channel I wanted.

(Mind you, this was before 24-hour cartoons on cable)

The local TV station aired reruns of the original Lone Ranger, followed by the Three Stooges and it all wrapped up with...

Superman...the original, black and white series.

Superman was my favorite (though I'm still a Stooges fan to this day).


Because Superman was, well...SUPER. He was bulletproof...


He always prevailed. No matter the obstacle.

Next Saturday I'm hosting a very special event for supermen and superwomen of business.

It's an event designed to make you unstoppable too.

I've invited international best-selling author Dr. Srikumar Rao to share an hour with you. The topic...

Dr. Rao calls it "Creativity and Personal Mastery" (a modest title for a profound and important topic).

Dr. Rao developed the course by the same title while teaching at Columbia Graduate School of Business. In fact, it is the ONLY business school course in the world to have it's own alumni program.

Students COMMUTED from as far away as Australia and Europe to be a part of the course.

And in 8 days, Dr. Rao will share the key concepts that will help you tap into and unleash the depths of creativity that you possess...that are essential to growing a business that matters.

So take a moment right now and commit to spending, no INVESTING, an hour of time with Dr. Rao.


PS - The webinar is over, but you can watch Dr. Rao's TED Talk or learn more about Creativity and Personal Mastery