How to Build A List of Buyers Even If You're Not Getting Enough Web Traffic Now

I got a great question from a subscriber earlier this week. He asked, "How can I attract the right kind of clients to my website? I'm not getting much traffic to my site and I don't know if I should run ads, work on SEO or write articles for other websites."

It's the wrong question to ask. Here's a better one:

"How can I find the most likely buyers for my business?"

That's what he really wants. Who cares HOW they come through the door, so long as they do.

Now, here's the answer that nobody wants you to know...

You don't have to work for years to build up SEO cred' with the big "G." You don't need to run ever-more expensive online ads, hoping you've dropped your line in a pond with fish.

There's a shortcut.

Just go BUY the list of BUYERS.

So, if you're selling, for example, high-end medical weight loss, you can get a list of affluent BUYERS of other weight loss products, services and publications.

If you're selling financial services, you can buy a list of people who already purchased investment information.

Etc., Etc.

These prospects are far more valuable than those delivered from search (paid or free), 'cause they've revealed one important fact...

They'll spend money on something close to what you're selling.

Chances are, if what you've got makes any sense at all, a percentage of them will buy from you, too.

It's the great shortcut to mo' clients.

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