How to choose media

I am stunned by the number of businesses that blindly follow the herd into this media or that, with no analysis or regard for fit, presence of IDEAL clients or ROI. So today, I offer a framework for choosing the media you use to attract clients--print, PPC, social media, networking groups, email, JVs...doesn't matter, the framework is the same.

You need one question...

“Will my IDEAL prospects/clients see me if I show up in ___________?”

Simple question, but the answer isn't so easy...let's work through it with some examples.

Stansburry Research, a financial newsletter publisher, is advertising several of their products right now on the radio.

Their choice of station is instructive. They don't advertise on the pop music stations. Wonder why? 'Cause my kids don't have any money to spend and if they did, they'd buy Beats.

No, Stansburry is burning up the airwaves on talk radio. Mostly on the "conservative" channels, but I've also heard them on the sports talk stations.

Let's think about their ideal client...

  • An adult with some (maybe not millions) money to spend.
  • Probably male
  • Wants to get ahead and thinks differently than the mainstream (Important! In the US, conservative talk radio is geared to mostly adult men who don't see themselves as "mainstream").
  • Probably owns, has owned or wants to own a business...even a small one (business owners have a different view of risk than “normal” people..and the investments all involve some risk).
  • Believes there is a "magic bullet" or "secret" to success and wants to get it quick.

We could probably go on, but you get the idea. That's a strong IDEAL client profile. Without it, it's almost impossible to choose the right media.

Another example...

For years, Rosetta Stone has been selling their high-end language learning products in the airline magazines.

Who's their ideal client?

  • High income, frequent travelers
  • Business travelers who need language skills to advance
  • Busy people who probably skipped Spanish class in high school and now have a NEED to know a language, but no time between trips, work, and kids to take lessons.

Where can you find those people?

On airplanes and in airports (you'll see boxed copies sold in airport terminals).

We could go on...

Your weekend homework...

  1. Who is your ideal client?
  2. Where are they?

On Monday we'll look at how to dissect a marketing funnel that starts with an ad (an opening) like the ones used by Stansburry or Rosetta Stone.

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