How to completely automate your marketing

Want fully automatic…push a button and get clients…marketing? Good…

Me too.

Too bad…it doesn't exist. (Plot twist! The "Clients On Autopilot" guy just said…automatic marketing doesn't exist…gasp!)

Here's the deal.

You can't automate ALL of your marketing.

No way…impossible.


You're shooting at a moving target. The market moves. You move with it. (No way to automate that.)

So what in the world do I mean by "Clients On Autopilot"?

At it's most basic level, I mean "you know specifically what to do TODAY to attract more clients." I know it sounds silly…but it's far from trivial.

Most business people have no earthly idea what (as in Step 1, Step 2, Step 3) to do TODAY to get a client.

So you wake up…and go find something else to do in your business…something that's easier.

So pull out pen and pad…what should you do today to get a client (I'll wait).

Here's some ideas:

  • Call copywriter to start a direct mail project.
  • Send an email to your list (but what to write…)
  • Make 10 cold calls.
  • Research 10 websites to place a banner ad.

Each of those could lead to getting clients. Which one should you do?

I find that's where most get stuck. Too many options.

But if you've got an Autopilot Marketing System like I build for clients…you know exactly what to do today, tomorrow and the next.

As with most things, knowing what to do is harder than doing it.

Now, just in case I've dashed your hopes of having an automated way to get clients, hold on…

Tomorrow, I'll share exactly what you should automate…and what you should do with all the extra time you'll have.