How to develop your marketing strategy

There's a secret formula for developing a winning marketing strategy. I'm going to share it with you today. But you should be warned…just a handful of your fellow readers will ever take this secret and put it into action.

STEP 1: Study your market and write down the common practices of in the industry in three categories--Marketing, Advertising and Sales Process.

STEP 2: Do the opposite.

STEP 3: There is no Step 3.

I'll give you a few examples…

First, my own marketing:

Common practice - email a fancy, graphics heavy email newsletter with bland content once a month.

Opposite - email short, plain looking, opinionated emails every weekday.

Competitive advantage - most won't do it because they believe it won't work (I've got *DATA* to prove otherwise) and they perceive it to be too much effort.

Next from a client:

Common practice - find prospects through personal networking and cold calling

Opposite - Use direct mail (this in and of itself flies in the face of the conventional "wisdom") lead generation offers to get real prospects to respond and self-identify.

Competitive advantage - less manual labor, it's scaleable and my client is better positioned when the prospects seek her out.

And finally,

Common practice - keep information about your processes and business model under your hat (after all your competitors might steal a good idea!).

Opposite - share information about what and how you do what you do to position your business as the leader.

Competitive advantage - transparency builds trust and relationship with prospects…relationship trumps all other factors.

How can you buck the norm and make your business stand out?

marketing consultant steve gordon