How to get referrals with media

Yesterday, I talked about media... Specifically, the kind of media you own.

So what does media have to do with referrals?

You don't advertise for referrals, after all.

But being a media mogul has a curious hidden benefit...

People want to be "in the media."

They want to be the feature story. In the the spotlight...the center of attention.

And when you're a media mogul, you've got hot real estate to offer the prospect's ego.

Let's say you want to reach all the customers of the biggest consultant in your fair city.

You could schmooze her at every chamber of commerce mixer for the next three years in hopes of creating a "mutually beneficial relationship."

Or you could just ask to interview her for your media platform.

Which one sounds easier? Which one will that successful consultant see as valuable (to her)?

And which way might just give her something to share with her clients to remind them all why they hired her? (And in sharing...she introduces you.)

Best of all, you can skip three years of chamber mixers and spend some time with your family!

The simple, step-by-step process for getting referrals with your own media platform is at:

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PS - Aside from referrals, there's one other HUGE benefit to using interviews in your own don't have to create content!