How to lose a $10,528.93 sale

Have you ever witnessed an accident before? You get the sense that everything moves in slow motion in the seconds before the crash, yet there's nothing you can do to change the course.

Saturday, my wife went to a local appliance chain...on a mission to select appliances for the house we're building.

She was greeted by the salesman, helped through the process of selecting the refrigerator, oven, dishwasher and the rest.

Then the collision...

As she tried to leave the salesman changed. He said, "What will it take to get you into these appliances today?" (Not sure how one "gets into" appliances, but OK.)

When she explained that we're simply selecting what will go in our new home and we won't be ready to order for several months, he responds by summoning the sales manager who exerts more pressure to buy TODAY!

You can imagine how this ends...unhappy wife...unhappy sales people. Everyone lost.

But it's not necessarily the sales person's fault. Like a lot of businesses he had one shot. Because he'd not yet figured out what to do with leads that don't buy today.

So he watched as $10,528.93 walked out the door.

It's painful to watch this crash happen (and frankly, it happens in too many businesses, just not always to this level of drama).

It could have been a happy ending for everyone with a little patience and forethought on the part of this business.

Don't let it happen to you.

In the next Lead Generation Sprint™ we'll be building concrete plans to help you get a new client in the door, and, if they're not ready to buy today, keep them in orbit around you until they are.

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--Anna Cook, Director, International Executives