How to Make Marketing EASY

For most people marketing is hard (hey…it keeps me in business). It's hard to figure out how to advertise to get attention. It's hard to decide what to say to attract clients. And it's hard to know what to offer to get them to say yes with ease.

Yet it doesn't have to be hard.

It can (and should) be easy…

IF you understand two things:

  1. Precisely who you want to attract--your IDEAL client.
  2. The problem they're ready to be rid of.

When you really, precisely know WHO you want to attract choosing where and how to advertise is a piece of cake.

Finding new and unique ways to reach your WHO is not only easy…it becomes your serious competitive advantage.

When you understand the problem they REALLY want to get rid of…and you've got a solution to it, you never run out of things to say that your WHO will listen to.

But getting clear on these two things isn't always easy. Sometimes you're too close to see clearly.

Luckily, I've got a handy focusing tool…