How to Use Trip Wire Marketing to Automatically Qualify Your Prospects

If you’re like most business owners you’re happy just to have customers calling or coming in the door. Hey, I’m right there with you…and that’s right where many lesser entrepreneurs stop. But you’re reading this so I know that you “get it.” That you see yourself as more than the owner of your business…you’re the marketer of your business.

So, since we both know that any self respecting marketer is never satisfied by the mere presence of customers…we know that YOU want more. You want to guide your prospects to that first sale…not just hope that it happens. You want to continually test your customers to see what else they might buy from you.

But how to do it…

Let me introduce you to “Trip Wire Marketing.” Simply stated, your trip wire marketing system sets triggers (trip wires) at key points in your sales process. These triggers are tied to alarms that alert you when a prospect sets one off.

A Trip Wire Marketing Example

With tax time upon us, let’s look at how an accountant might use trip wire marketing. Bob, our friendly accountant, has implemented the simple marketing plan I outlined last year and is sending out a weekly email with tax saving tips for his clients.

Bob gets tons of business from January until April 15th, but he really wants to do more long range planning with his business clients the rest of the year. So in his next email newsletter he includes an offer for a free checklist of the top 20 issues to think about before selling your business.

Some of his readers will be at a place in their business where thinking about business succession is important so they follow the link and request the checklist from Bob…BAM…the alarm goes off!

Every prospect that requests information on business succession has now identified themselves to Bob and said…”Hey, that topic is important to me…” Now Bob can focus his sales effort on the few real prospects for his planning service.

Because the prospects volunteer, they are open to hearing from Bob on the topic…after all they asked for more information.

Bob, puts these prospects in a special follow-up process. He sends the checklist. A few days later he sends a story about a client who successfully transitioned out of his business. A few days after that he makes a follow-up call…you get the idea.

He’s now communicating with this segment of his customer list very specifically about an issue that they’ve said is relevant and timely.

Sounds simple, right? Ok, so how do you setup some trip wires in your business?

Email Marketing Is the Killer App for Your Trip Wire System

The easiest tool to do this with is your email marketing system. Assuming you use an email marketing service that let’s you create automated follow-up sequences of emails, you can begin to create a web of trip wires around your business so you’ll know every move a prospect makes.

In Bob’s case, he might have a series of 4-5 emails that educate the prospect on the process of setting up a succession plan, and why it’s important to hire an experienced consultant to guide them.

At the end of the sequence he might offer a free consultation, and follow-up with a phone call to each prospect.

Bob will want to repeat this for each of his services. When he has it all setup, his trip wires and automated follow-up system will track each prospects movements and automatically educate them. Bob’s free to focus on his clients, and only spend time selling after his system has qualified a prospect.

By tracking your customers interactions with you and guiding them to the sale, you’ll not only win more prospects, but you’ll also increase your sales to existing customers.

If you want to learn how to implement trip wire marketing in your business, you’ll want to checkout our upcoming Email Marketing University. We’ll cover trip wire marketing and everything else you need to know to use email to market your business (without being a spammer).