How to win an audience like Reagan, Clinton and Obama

I had a great conversation with subscriber Mike Sumsky yesterday about email marketing. Mike was quite complimentary of The Marketing Letter™ (the ego appreciates you Mike). Mike noticed something important in these messages. Something I learned from politics.

You see, I find politics fascinating.

Not for the reasons most, for me it's like a graduate education in how to win over an audience.

And if you watch the most successful (measured in elections won), they do one thing better than their opponents.

In fact, the best and biggest businesses follow this rule, too.

And this one thing is the key to your own marketing success.

But I'll bet you're not doing it.

The most-elected politicians do one thing well...they stay on message.

Over and over and over...and over again.

In any given election year I'll bet you could awaken the leading candidate from a dead sleep at 3:21 AM, throw a mic in their face and they'd hit all of their talking points before the first yawn.

They have to. They have a few hundred-million people to influence.

And they know (this is instructional) that, even with all the free and paid media exposure, they only get slices of attention from each individual.

The only way to get the message across is to persist...repeat.

Again, I'll bet you're not doing it.

Even though you don't get one-tenth of one-percent of the exposure to your prospects. You're not telling them why they have a problem, what the problem is, why it's important and how you'll fix, not nearly enough to make an impact.


Because after hitting the same points a few dozen times, YOU get bored with the message.

You've heard yourself say it again and again. But for most of your prospects it's new.

Don't give up on a good do a dis-service to YOUR audience.

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