How Winning Companies Do High End Sales Differently

I'm writing this on the plane after spending a day on-site with a client diving deep into their sales, marketing and business model strategy. These are exceptional business people and the way they approach high end sales is decidedly different than most...

They're already selling a mid-six-figure, top-of-the-market service.

So we spent the day developing ideas to expand their reach...

Not by creating lower offerings, but instead, figuring out how to make their offers more exclusive.

Exclusive is attractive.

We want what we can't have.

We aspire to what we can't afford today.

We will jump through hoops to get in "the club."

Many reading this will say, "Yep, I know that's true...but my business is different."


Extreme exclusivity flips the sales process. The prospects fight to get in. The two things keeping most business owners from positioning themselves this way are:

  1. Fear that comes from not having a consistent flow of new prospects.
  2. Not delivering the be exclusive you've got to create real results for clients.

Both of those problems are fixable...if you're willing.