If I Had To Start From Scratch...8 Steps To Getting Your New Business Off the Ground

It’s no secret that there are a TON of newly minted entrepreneurs hitting the streets right now. As a marketing consultant I often get cornered by them…they all want to know how to get those critical early sales. Most have heard the siren song of social media and the web, with it’s promises of low and no-cost delivery of customers. But as we all know…there is no such thing as something for nothing…

So here’s is what I’d do if I were starting from scratch…

  1. Develop your prototype product or service as cheaply and quickly as humanly possible and put all your capital into marketing.

  2. Answer the question - “Why should anyone do business with you over any and every other company that provides what you provide?” IMPORTANT: Answer it in terms of the benefit the client/customer/patient gets from what you provide.

  3. Identify precisely who needs and wants what you’re selling. If your answer includes the words “anyone” or “everyone” you need to get more specific.

  4. Don’t pay to have a website developed (unless you’re truly an Internet company). Prove that you can sell what you’re offering first. Until YOU can sell it, your website is just a distraction.

  5. Invest your time in networking…you’ll need help to reach your goal. Go connect with the people who can help you.

  6. Invest your money in a highly targeted direct mail campaign. Now, I’m not talking about a one-and-done blast. No, I mean build a marketing system around a sequence of 3 or 4 sequential sales letters (yes letters…use 2, 4, 6, 8, 50 pages…whatever it takes to tell your story and make the sale).

  7. Have something to invite your prospects to…a free informational teleseminar or webinar, a free report, a free live seminar…get creative and give them the information that solves their problem (or more appropriately said…that shows them your product or service is the only solution to their problem).

  8. Approach your friends, old colleagues, your advisors (accountant, attorney, doctors, dentist, realtor…etc.) and your family. DO NOT TRY TO SELL TO THESE PEOPLE…you will annoy them. Do tell them what you’re offering and ask for referrals to people they know who might need your offering.

  9. Get professional help. OK, this one is a little self serving, I admit. ;-) But seriously, if you have the capital to do it, having a marketing expert to guide you can be a huge shortcut to reaching your goal…and the small investment should make you money and help you make it more quickly.

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