Is this the death of the autoresponder?

Yesterday I shared my discovery that marketing funnels are broken. And that email autoresponders don't work for high-dollar, high-trust sales.

So does that mean the autoresponder is dead?


They have their place, but turning a brand new prospect into a client paying 5 figures or more might just require a bit more trust than can be created in a handful of automated messages.

Converting high-end clients is a long-play. Time is an essential ingredient to trust building.

And I've only seen a small handful of people successfully pre-build a 2, 3 or 4 year sequence of messages.

I've written them for clients...they work, but they can be very tough to create.

So here's what happens...

You stop your funnel after 30 or 60 or (if you're really good) 90 days.

And if the prospect doesn't convert in 90 days...they're dead to you! Just cruft on your list.

Ah, but if you have an endless orbit of easy to create, consistent, useful follow-up, you don't waste leads. You simply harvest them when THEY are ready.

marketing consultant steve gordon
marketing consultant steve gordon