It ain't the club...

I've played golf since I was 12 (too long to count) and as a kid I played this game with my buddies. It was invented because we were too lazy to carry a full bag of clubs around for 18 holes in August. So we'd carry one club.

My club of choice...

An 8-iron.

I could hit it far enough to be OK on the long holes...and I could putt with it almost as well as with my putter.

The club (or lack of) didn't much matter.

We won or lost for the day by how we used the club.

The tools at your disposal for growing your business might as well be infinite today.

But your success (or failure) isn't so much about the tools. It's what you do with them.

That's liberating. You don't need ALL the tools. You just need to MASTER one or two.

For me, that means publishing.

Of all the clubs in the bag it's the easiest to's the trusted tool that always delivers.

marketing consultant steve gordon

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