SBMS 02 | Market Your Way Out of The Recession - Fortune Follows The Brave


In this episode of The Small Business Marketing Show I share important research I discovered that will make you think twice about slashing your marketing budget in this recession.

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In this episode of The Small Business Marketing Show...

  • Findings from 40 years of research on the link between marketing efforts during recessions and business results during and after the downturn.
  • Why this is the Golden Age of Small Business Marketing.
  • How you can beat the big boys more easily than ever before.

Take Action

  • Decide what you will invest, in terms of time, money or both, to increase your marketing activity.
  • List three things that make you and your business unique in your industry.

What Do You Think?

  • How have you creatively expanded your marketing efforts during the recession? What were your results?
  • Have you seen other businesses expand during the downturn? What did they do to make it happen?