Secrets of Authentic Video Marketing with Steve Washer

Want to bond with clients and prospects quickly? Video is just the thing for you. Of all the marketing mediums it's the closest thing to "face-to-face"...without being, know.

And that's the real power in video. Never mind that prospect's don't read much...they'd rather sit back and watch, than read. Never mind that Google loves video and often give your videos a preferential nod in the search results. Never mind that video proves again and again an asset in selling in advance.

Video is where it's at...and where your marketing should be going. But you've got to do it in an authentic way...and I know just the guy to help.

This week on the Small Business Marketing Show, I interview the "Sherlock Holmes of Video Marketing", Mr. Steve Washer.


Steve shares some great tips on how to start out with video marketing and what key's to think about as you design your videos.

AND...he's invited you to the Video Superhero Summit where he'll be presenting on May 17th.

To find out more about Steve Washer and grab his fantastic "Fast Start Video Marketing Kit" (it's free) go to

Steve's got a TON of great video information on his site...check it out.