Shun the non-believers

I spend a significant amount of time helping businesses figure out who they're IDEAL client is. And I've written about it at length here. It's critically important in an increasingly commoditized world to narrow your definition of who you're going to serve.

Doing so is difficult. It requires a choice.

You CHOOSE some people and, in doing so you exclude others.

Except...most don't follow through with that critical second step: "Exclude others".

Increasingly, people are choosing businesses because of the values and beliefs the business represents. Sometimes lofty and altruistic beliefs, and more often simply a well stated point of view.

But what about the people who aren't interested in your point of view or who disagree with it?

Do as Seth Godin suggests...Shun them.

Send them on their way.

They're not getting any value from you, and you're not getting any value from them. Be honest, move on and serve your true believers.

Everyone will be better off.