Six Types of Marketers - Which group are you in?

The Cave Man Marketer - The cave man's motto...whack 'em with a club and drag 'em home. It's effective in winning clients...if they survive. The Hunger Games Marketer - The Hunger Games marketer plays a zero-sum game. It's a contest for life...with only one winner. If you don't lose, I can't win.

The Hippie Marketer - It's Free Love Friday seven days a week for the Hippie Marketer. Just give it all away and the universe will take care of me!

The Doubting Thomas Marketer - The Doubting Thomas Marketer wonders why sales are flat, but doubts marketing will help. He's stuck, lacking the faith necessary to test, fail and test again (and again and again).

The 50 First Dates Marketer - The 50 First Dates Marketer wakes up every day forgetting she had a relationship with some prospects the day before. So she sets out to start new relationships straight away...makes some, but sadly, forgets them in the morning.

The Servant Marketer - The Servant Marketer understands that the best way to be successful is to serve a starving crowd. To serve their every need. He understands that the value is in the crowd and their unmet needs and molds his offering to match.

Which type of marketer are you?

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