Small Business Marketing Tip: 13 Ways to Show Up!

Want to grow your small business? Well here’s a marketing tip you can start using today to get results and it’s really simple… SHOW UP!

You see, 99.99997% of business owners that complain that they don’t have all the business they want can trace the failure back to not showing up as often and in as many places as they should (or as their competitors do).

But to be successful, you must show up anywhere and everywhere your customers are…

Think about it. If you’re not there talking to them and asking them for business someone is! And you’re losing out!!

Now, understand, that I am talking about you (your business) physically showing up, i.e. putting a actual, live human being (as opposed to the dead ones you keep in the back) in front of your prospects and customers…at trade shows, Chamber of Commerce meetings and at the customer’s home or business.

BUT, that’s not ALL I’m talking about.

No, see, that’s where most small business owners stop. You need to be pervasive…remember be everywhere. Here’s a short list of places that might be important to show up in front of your customers:

  1. In their mailbox, with a monthly newsletter.
  2. In their inbox, with a weekly, short and informative article.
  3. In Google (first page of course)
  4. On YouTube with your own “TV channel”
  5. In the major article directories (helps you get on Google) like
  6. In their mailbox again once a month with a new special offer (not just one letter with the offer, but a series of 3 or 4 over a period of weeks)
  7. In your local paper or trade publication with an interesting article or a newsworthy announcement
  8. At special events you create just for them
  9. With an personal note, just to keep in touch.
  10. With a birthday card on their special day (including a special birthday deal)
  11. On iTunes with a weekly or monthly podcast
  12. At the trade show, not in the audience or the exhibit hall but in the front of the room as the “expert” they need to listen to (ditto for local civic and business clubs).
  13. Be visible on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

The list is truly endless…limited only by your creativity. And there’s the rub.

The 99.99997% of business owners who complain about the results they get, won’t do the work needed to figure out how to be everywhere.

They will read this and look at that list and say…”I can’t do a podcast, I don’t have anything to say” or “I’ll make my customers mad if I send them one email a week” or any one of a thousand excuses NOT to do what needs to be done.

I don’t want you to be one of them. All of the things I’ve listed are easy to do. It takes work, but not as much as you fear. And to really “show up” you build a system to run it all for you.

I’ll leave you with this quote from one of my favorite marketers, Dan Kennedy…“You can’t do business sitting on your ass!”

Want to “show up” more than you are now, but need some guidance? Get in touch with me and we’ll chat.