Sunday's Best Marketing Lesson

Are you a missionary or a preacher? Missionaries do important work, but it's hard slogging...out in the far reaches of the world, trying to become accepted into a foreign culture...

Then, educating the people they meet one-by-one hoping to get a convert...and another and then enough to establish a foothold.

I've never done it, but it can't be easy.

The preacher doesn't do that at all.

She invites the believers into the tent.

She delivers the message to those in the pews...forgetting the rest.

Her focus is not on converting non-believers...instead she works to deepen the commitment of those who come to her.

Converting non-believers is hard, expensive work. But getting one more small step from someone already walking towards you is easy.

The only question is who do YOU want to market to...non-believers or the faithful already under your tent.