Facebook fro Business

Tips-n-Tricks: How to Seperate Business and Personal Posts, Pictures and Friends' Comments on Facebook

What if you don't want your business friends to see the pictures from your family Bar-B-Q, or you have a crazy friend that posts to your wall?  What can you do?  In the past people have setup two profiles, one for business and one for personal.  Personally, I just think that is too much work.  Also, it is inevitable that one of your business contacts will find your personal profile or visa-versa.  Why complicate your online presence? Now, you don't have to worry about mixing business and pleasure.  Within Facebook, there are settings that will allow you to utilize Facebook for both worlds without concern for who sees what.  Isn't that exciting!  So let's show you how to control who sees what.

First, you will have to log into Facebook. Next,  you will create friend lists.  To group your friends, click "friends" at the top of your screen.  From there, you will see a menu on the left side of the screen, look for "lists" and then click on friends.  You will know you have found the right option when a screen opens and you see a list of all your friends with their profile pictures.  At the very top of the list, there is a button that says, "Create New List," click that that.

You are almost there!  Now think of the first name you want to group your friends by.  You could use work, family, relatives, best friends or distant relatives.  Type the name in the box at the top.  Then click on each person that fits within your new description.  Once you have selected the friends that fit within your new "list", click create list.  You will know your list was  created successfully when it appears under "List" on the left hand menu.  Create as many list as you like, but simplicity is best.

Keep in mind, you will be selecting settings based on the lists.  That means if you want to limit your business contacts from viewing your pictures, you have to make sure all your business contacts are within your "work" list.

Now that you have your lists, you can start locking and hiding things from certain lists.  Now, click on "settings."  This option is in the top right of the screen, the wording is white within the blue Facebook box at the top of the screen.  Then, click "manage" on the privacy settings line (second from the bottom).  Once you click manage, you will have four choices (Profile, Search, News Wall & Feed and Applications), click on Profile.

The good news is you can limit certain friends from seeing certain things on Facebook.  The bad news is not all of the settings allow you to limit certain groups of friends.  The following Facebook features can be limited by "lists" of friends: photos tagged of you, videos tagged of you, wall posts, education info and work info.  So how do you lock down things like pictures?

Within the privacy settings above, such as videos tagged of you, select customize from the drop down menu.  Next, select "some friends" within the screen that opens.  I box will appear, this is where you indicate which "list" of friends can view the information.  Enter the name of the list that you want to be able to see your videos.  You can also select individual names (maybe from your business contacts).  Once you save these settings, only the lists indicated will be able to view your videos.

Continue to go through each setting designating what lists can see different items within your profile.  Now you have a profile suitable for business and personal use.