Google's Secret Marketing Strategy

In this episode of the Small Business Marketing Clinic we reveal Google's secret marketing strategy to attract new small business customers...AND I'll share the #1 thing Google is doing wrong and how to avoid this mistake in your own marketing.


My Customers are Not Online...

If I had a dollar for each time I heard this from one of my clients or students, I would be taking a nice long beach vacation!  The truth is everyone is online.  Each time someone has tried to convince me that their target market is not online, I usually find a reason the customer is online.  Heck, even my "behind-the-times" Father has an iPhone.  He can now find a restaurant or get directions on the go....what is the world coming to? The reason I bring up my Father is that he is a non-typical iPhone user.  Some people might say he is "older", I would NEVER say that.  His generation did not grow up with computers, nor did they use them in school.  His generation had to learn computers in the workplace and many people within his generation are still hesistant to go to the digital world.

So why are so many people hesitant about going online or marketing online?

More and more people are online...more than you probably think.  Just because you are not online, does not mean your customers are not online.  Remember, we are not exactly like our customers.  Just remember this simple little question my baby-boomer mother-in-law poised to me one evening...

Before Google, where did people go to have questions answered?

If that does not give you evidence that more and more people are online, maybe some of the numbers below will help

  • Facebook has over 250,000,000 users and is growing daily
  • LinkedIn has the largest collection of Business Owners
  • July 2009, Google had over 76.7 billion searches (Just Google)

So, don't be left in the dark.  Take advantage of the tools at your fingertips.