Social media marketing

Your Social Media Marketing Questions Answered

Social media, social media, social media... Its all the buzz with the kids these days, and whenever I give a speech or a seminar I get peppered with questions about lets do some QA today.

QUESTION: Whats the best social media for business?

STEVE: Email. (and you're thinking What?) Yes, email is the original social media and still the king of the hill.

The Direct Marketing Association says email marketing puts $43 in your bank for every $1 you spend (the numbers have been in that ballpark for years and aren't going away anytime soon).

If you don't have an email marketing program in place you're nuts.


QUESTION: What should I post to my Facebook and Twitter feeds?

STEVE: They say variety is the spice of solid information that educates your prospects and clients (and moves them to the next step in the sales process). Mix it up with other useful and interesting stuff from other sources.

Next question...

QUESTION: How do you keep up with it all?

STEVE: Automate it! Use tools like HootSuite, and Sendible to schedule a batch of posts all at once.

One more...

QUESTION: Steve, is anyone making real money or getting quality leads from social media?

We have a sharp one here...

STEVE: A few are...but most businesses have been lured into the promise of social media (to get customers for free) and been slapped up-side the head with reality...its takes work (a lot of work) to turn a social media friend into a client.

Good old fashioned direct response marketing (online and offline) is still the best, most effective and most profitable way to attract clients. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


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