cold calling

SBMS 05 | Stop Cold Calling - Attract Prospects Magnetically


In this episode of The Small Business Marketing Show I share a simple 3-step system for getting sales appointments...without making all those dreaded cold calls!

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In this episode of The Small Business Marketing Show...

  • The fundamental conflict between buyer and seller.
  • Why you need to stop "selling the appointment".
  • Why you should sell "free" first.
  • The essential system you must have to get more deals...automatically.

Take Action

  • Brainstorm ideas for an information "product" that you can give away.
  • Decide how you will follow-up with prospects who get your free information.

What Do You Think?

  • What struggles have you faced with cold calling?
  • How do you get new business without cold calling?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.