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How To Use 100 Pushups To Grow Your Business

Don't worry, this is not a post about exercising more. It is about the smart marketing behind the 100 Pushup Challenge. The idea is the brainchild of Steve Speirs. He's put together a program that takes you from doing zero or just a few pushups and works you up to doing 100 consecutive pushups. What's instructive about the program is that he doesn't promise anything he can't deliver.

If you haven't seen this website go check it out as soon as you finish reading this.

There are no over-the-top claims about how doing pushups three times a week will turn you into Brad Pitt. He does promise that if you stick with the plan that in a matter of weeks you can hit the "magic 100" number. Pretty impressive. He also promises that you'll improve your core strength. I'm in week two and I can tell you this is absolutely true...but that's not the point.

The point is how he's promoted and grown this simple idea into a real business, with a big following.

As he explains the origin of the idea on the site, he heard about a similar routine from a friend in the UK. Then the magic happens...

1. He took the concept and created his own program.

2. He talked about the program and the results he got on his blog.

3. He got positive feedback from his readers.

4. He created a website to give away the weekly workout routines for FREE.

5. He created a place for people following the program to share their results with the new community that formed around this workout.

6. He created the 100 Pushup Challenge complete with it's own logo that participants can put on their own website to spread the word.

7. He developed merchandise for members of the community to buy and spread the word.

8. He setup a link where participants can voluntarily donate to support the 100 Pushup movement.

9. He created an iPhone application that takes you through each workout step by step, logs your results and shows your progress on a graph (after a week I'm up to 53 pushups).

10. He wrote a book (now available for pre-order).

11. He created the Two Hundred Situps and Two Hundred Squats programs with the same model.

So here's my challenge: How many of these marketing ideas can you use in your business?

Seen any other examples of smart marketing? Doing some innovative marketing yourself? Post a comment and tell me about it.