cracking the authority code

Your prospects have a secret

Yes, your prospects have a secret they've been keeping from you. They're confused.

They have too many choices.


They want YOU to lead them through the maze.

But there's a catch.

They'll only follow you if they recognize you as:

- A trusted advisor

- A leader

- An authority

You've got to create the feeling and experience of "authority", see it's not JUST about your qualifications.

There are lots of smart people with lots of letters after their name whom we don't follow.

And there are many, with no formal qualifications whom we follow naturally…

Because we see them as authorities in their field.

In two days, Ian Brodie's "Cracking the Authority Code" webinar will be here.

If you're looking to attract more clients you ought to carve out an hour at noon (Eastern) this Wednesday and hear what Ian is going to share.

It's eye opening.

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"See" you on Wednesday!


PS - As I've said before, Ian is the Authority on authority. He's worked with folks in the "expert" business for years helping them build this kind of magnetic authority.

In other words, he understands how to take what you already are an expert at and help you turn your expertise into authority.