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What I Learned About Lead Generation At Opryland

Last week I spent 3 days with some of the top minds in marketing in Nashville (the Gaylord Opryland Resort…nice place…there's a river in the middle of the hotel-indoors!). As I listened to business owner after business owner stand up and share what's working I found lots of commonalities.

Here they are:

- Offline marketing is working better and more predictably than ever. (I've been saying this for a while…this is confirmation across a large number of industries).

- Offline driving prospects to the web leverages the best qualities of each media.

- Every one of the business owners I met with was using advertising to generate leads…not make sales. They rely on long-term follow-up to convert leads to sales and are getting many times more conversions than before using this approach.

- Direct mail and direct response radio are two of the most cost effective places to do lead generation. Especially as cost-per-click in many niches is exceeding $10 (some much higher).

- Automation of the follow-up process is adding value both to prospects and customers…increasing the "happiness" of both groups…and driving lifetime customer value through the roof.

Honestly…this really isn't new information. I've been sharing this with my private clients for three years. But for many businesses these ideas are new.

If they're new to you and you'd like to know how they might work for you we should talk:

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P.S. Think this won't work in your business? At this meeting there were insurance professionals, restaurants, fitness businesses, weight loss, medical/dental, attorneys, consultants of every stripe, industrial, non-profit, real estate, construction, home improvement, security…even a scuba instructor. Same methods, different industries…it works for them all because it's human marketing.