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The Marketing Tactic You're Missing

I got the question AGAIN yesterday…

"Should I be using Facebook or LinkedIn?"

The troubling thing…

I got the question from a business owner who's a great marketer.

He's doing direct mail, seminars and webinars and getting real, bankable results from them. (It's a great strategy for him.)

But, he's bored.

He's impatient (I personally don't know the meaning of the word, just ask my wife ;-)!

He's easily distracted by greener grass over the fence.

So he asked the question…

Really the question he's asking is "What other marketing TACTIC can I do, because I wanted to have a bazillion dollars in the bank last Tuesday and the deposit's late!?"

But he doesn't need a NEW tactic…he needs to quit ignoring one of the most effective marketing tactics every invented…


It takes time for some prospects to be "ready" to hire you.

It takes time to build trust.

It takes time for a winning marketing strategy to pay big dividends.

And here's the challenge…it takes more time than you want it to take…but less than you fear.

Stop looking for new tactics. Put a sound strategy in place and give it time to work.

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Steve Gordon