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How Lance Armstrong Killed Your Sales

Have you been watching this Lance Armstrong train wreck? I don't watch the news much (gave up brainwashing long ago)…but I understand the world's highest bike rider is ready to confess what we already knew…

That's he'd been cheating all along AND lying about it.

So what does this have to do with YOUR sales?

More than you think…

Your buyers have seen this story. A bunch of them liked him and looked up to him before 'ol Lance's world came crashing down.

They "trusted" him…

And now they've been burned.


Right now, they're thinking "Who's gonna get caught lying next?"


Hey, I know you're cool, but your buyers find it harder and harder to trust anyone. Can't blame 'em really.

But you've got to deal with the absence of trust.

That's one BIG reason traditional advertising doesn't work as well as it used to…it's based on the buyer's trusting relationship with the brand…but we've been burned by BIG NAME BRANDS.

- Enron - Countrywide - Exxon (remember the Valdez that soiled my home state of Alaska?)

And there are many more..and that's the point.

So how do you build trust?

Simple…you make more deposits of value on your prospects than withdrawals. You tie before you sell…you educate…you show up in your prospects lives and businesses like no one else…you speak plainly (like a human not a "brand").

As you watch Lance confess his lies to Oprah listen carefully…you'll hear the trust leaving the world. Leaving your buyers.

What's your plan to build it up in your part of the world again?

Steve Gordon

What Do You Believe?

Today in my country we're making an important choice about what we believe.

Have you thought about what you believe...about your business?

Have you communicated it to your clients and prospects?

Leaders stand for something...your clients want you to lead them.

What do you believe?

Here are 7 beliefs that are the foundation of my business.

Please hit share your beliefs in the comments.

#1 Clients not Customers

Customers are transactional...clients seek your wisdom and happily pay for it.

#2 The Fortune is in The Follow-up

The biggest opportunity you have is capturing all the money from all the clients you've already attracted.

#3 Money is Attracted to Speed

The marketing piece you launch today, however imperfect, is infinitely more valuable than the marketing piece that's still in your head.

#4 Consistency Over Creativity

Creativity is "neat"...consistency builds trust. Money does not change hands without trust.

#5 Focus on The Very Next Step

Acquiring a client is a process not an event. Ask yourself, what's the next logical step that moves that person closer to becoming a client.

#6 Branding is a By-Product

Nobody cares about your "brand." Make 'em an offer to solve a problem TODAY...rinse and repeat. Succeed at that and they'll remember your brand.

#7 Automation will set you FREE

Systems and automation are the only way to achieve the freedom you want in your business. Automation is not about is a way of thinking about your business.

Happy Election Day!

Steve Gordon

How to Get More Clients on A Low Budget

Well, the response to my email asking you to send in your marketing questions was huge...I'll be sifting through the emails for a few more days. One thing is clear...a whole lot of you out there in Internetland want to know how to get more clients with little or no marketing moola.

That's a tough know the old adage "it takes money to make money."

Thankfully, I've got just the plan for you!

It will take SOME money...but you can start with as little as $100 bucks (that's less than the price of a baked potato at Ruth's Chris).

The answer to this vexing marketing problem is direct response, lead generation marketing.

It works like this...

- You have important information to share with a potential client. Information that will help them make a buying decision.

- You package your knowledge in an e-book, CD, DVD, report...

- You use inexpensive ads to get interested prospects to call you (remember you're the expert who's publishing important information).

- Prospects ask for your informational "bait" (Cool...we just generated a lead)

- You keep in touch until they're ready to buy

Here's what you need to make it happen...

1. A free information piece that answers your prospects' most asked questions.

2. A direct response ad (in print, on radio, TV, PPC, direct mail, email, social media...) to get your prospects to request #1.

3. A follow-up marketing system to educate (entertain) and convert leads into clients.

Put all three together and you've got a dirt cheap, client getting autopilot.


Want one for yourself?

I'll be releasing the next issue of Clients on Autopilot on the 1st of the month...and this one's all about building direct response, lead generation systems.

To test drive the current issue and get on-board click here.