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What Really Happened On New Year's Day

On New Year's Day the race started again… Every business in the world began the year with zero revenue, no new clients and nothing but possibility ahead.

What will make the difference between the winners and the economic losers this year doesn't have much to do with the fiscal cliff…

Or the economy, the markets or the debt in Greece.

No, this year, like all the rest, the difference will be in the actions you take or don't take.

Not big, bold actions…you may take some. But the difference is almost always much smaller (and easier to overlook).

The difference between having everything you envision and settling for less lies in your habits.

For me, the most important growth and security habit I ever discovered is this…

Prime the pump every day.

Do one thing each and every day to fill your pipeline. It might be something simple, like sending an email…it might be something grand like launching into a new campaign or a new market.

Doesn't matter…

I know that if I do at least one thing every day to prime the pump that business will continue to flow my direction.

So, what are you doing today to prime your pump? And what will you do every day…for the next 362?


P.S. I've always found "priming the pump" hard to do without clarity about who you're marketing to, what problem you solve for them and why it matters. Get clear here.