Why you don't have all the clients you need

For the last 18 years I've been running, owning, growing businesses…and for the last three years I've worked 1-on-1 with a few dozen business owners helping them do the same.

Here's what I learned…

There are only three reasons you don't have all the business you want.

And, only one of them has to do with your marketing.

For most business owners the first barrier is simple…FEAR.

Fear of success.

Fear of failure.

Fear of being uncomfortable.

Fear, fear, fear!

Hey, I understand…I've faced it myself. Everyone who's ever tried to create a business faces it. Truth is, we face it, and succumb to it more days then we'd care to admit.

Fear keeps us from sticking our neck out.

It keeps you "safe." And it keeps YOU from putting yourself and your business "out there" and connecting with your market.

Ah…but the people you're meant to serve…who need what you offer…are attracted to the businesses that are "out there." That show leadership and courage in the face of fear.

If fear doesn't get you, time will (at least your use of it).

Usually in the first meeting or two with a new client we'll have the "time" talk.

Where, I ask how you spend their time, then we look at the goals you say you want to achieve.

And within .28765 nano-seconds it's clear to both of us why you aren't getting any closer to the goals.

You want more clients? You gotta spend more time on gettin' clients.


If you're creating a business, understand, the business only exists to serve a group of people who either want something or have a problem the business is designed to solve.

That's it.

And if that's it…the job of the CEO/President/Owner/Entrepreneur is...

Round up the people you serve.

So why are you worried about AP/AR/HR…anything other than rounding up the people you serve by MARKETING to them.

Look, I'm not foolish enough to think that you'll completely ignore those other things, but delegate them or, at least, do them AFTER you've done something to attract clients EVERYDAY.

Finally, the third barrier…the one that trips up the business owner who's conquered #1 and #2…

You don't know what to do.

This is bigger problem now than when I started.

At the beginning of my business career, the Internet was not a commercial platform. Heck we didn't have email for the first year of my career.

The choices were fewer, and simpler.

Last week I got an urgent email from a company that I bought keyword research software from, alerting me to changes Google is making to search algorithms.

This about the 5th major change to search in the last couple of years. And it's put some companies out of business who built their business on search alone.

Facebook changed their business pages earlier this year and is continually altering their ad platform.

And Pintrest has become all the rage online as the place for marketers to find new traffic.

If you're feeling a bit confused by all of the changes in marketing…I understand.

There's help here:



Steve Gordon